USBSL expands GMP advisory services for natural products clients

Roster of technical advisors increases by three to assist industry

4 February 2016 (Asheville) – US Botanical Safety Laboratory (USBSL) has expanded its natural products industry services to include Good Manufacturing Practices compliance advisory and outsourcing solutions. Since 2012, USBSL has provided botanical natural product testing and formulation services for over 50 companies nationally and in the Western North Carolina region. USBSL has helped companies authenticate and verify the identity, purity, and potency of botanical wellness products. USBSL has also assisted numerous start-ups and mid-level companies in formulating novel plant-based skin care, nutritional, and other functional products including liquid soaps, cosmetics, and wound care preparations.

Recently, on January 19th, PBS Frontline and the New York Times jointly ran an hour-long exposé highlighting gaps in label claims and calling into question the ethics and safety of herbal and nutritional supplement manufacturers as a whole. Similar segments aired on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Marketplace within one week’s time were likewise geared towards altering consumer perception of non-prescription health products as unregulated and unsafe, which has interestingly since been retracted. USBSL’s new client service, called Skyland Botanical Business Consulting, is designed to provide companies seeking to

improve compliance in 21 CFR 111 (FDA Good Manufacturing Practices) and state-level regulatory requirements with the professional support and third party verification needed to push back against harmful and targeted allegations.

Amanda Vickers, MS, Director of USBSL, stated, “USBSL has always helped innovative companies on the leading edge of botanical product development, from prototyping to a wide range of analytical services. Our new Skyland Botanical consulting service will help companies clear hurdles in critical

regulatory compliance while building consumer confidence through USBSL-verified processes.” Amy Lichonczak, President and cGMP Project Manager of Skyland Botanical Business Consulting as well as MBA, CQA and IRCA Certified Auditor brings a career in manufacturing, automotive & aerospace quality assurance together using ISO 9001 process auditing.  With 20+ years practical experience business, auditing, education, combined with Amy’s naturopathic and over 5 years of clinical experience using herbs to heal chronic immune system dysfunction.

Natural botanical products companies in Western North Carolina and beyond can arrange a free 30-minute consultation with USBSL’s Skyland Botanical team to discuss the following consulting services: GMP auditing, training, and botanical products SOP development, among available consulting


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